Paper suitable for notebook printing

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In order to facilitate the work, and because of the prominent corporate appearance of customized notebooks, corporate custom notebooks have become a trend, then in the corporate custom notebooks, generally pay attention to the design of the cover design and the choice of fabrics, just like the magazine cover.The notebook cover will also be the first impression of people. However, as the office stationery for daily work records, convenient writing is the main purpose of the notebook, so the choice of notebook printed paper is very important.

As far as the thickness of the paper is concerned, if the paper is too thin, the font written with a pen or a pen will be deformed by too much ink, and if it is written with a ballpoint pen, the characteristics of the thin paper and the ballpoint pen will remain on the next page. Under bumpy word marks. Therefore, the choice of paper can not be too thin, can not be said to be too thick, if it is too thick, first of all, the weight of the notebook is a test, affecting the portability of the notebook, because the paper is stiffer in writing, the stroke may not be so comfortable.

Notebook printing papers are typically used in thicknesses of 80 grams and 100 grams. 80 grams of paper, a little thinner than 100 grams of paper. Both types of paper can be used to make inner pages. The difference is that 80 grams of paper, because it is thinner, the brush will be softer and the writing feels more comfortable. And 100 grams of paper, it is quite stiff, but it looks more upscale in terms of perception. There are different options for each of the two options, and it is necessary to choose according to actual needs.

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Another important factor affecting writing is: the smoothness of the paper, which is also a variable relationship. The higher the smoothness of the paper, the better the gloss, the more delicate and gorgeous, but the paper is too smooth. It is not conducive to the writing of some oil-based pens. Its ink-receiving ability is low, and it is easy to cause ink stains. This should also be judged according to the actual situation.

In addition to the influence of paper texture, the color of paper printed on notebooks also has an impact on writing. According to scientific research, white is a kind of color with a strong refractive index. Pure white paper will have high refractive power. People's eyes are irritating and easy to visually fatigue. Therefore, the beige Dao Lin paper has become a popular notebook paper. The faint beige color reflects the light very softly, which is a comfortable writing paper for those who write for a long time.

All in all, the thickness, smoothness and color of the paper are important reference factors for selecting notebook printing paper. It is necessary to scientifically select the paper after actual investigation. Of course, it can directly cooperate with the experienced large notebook manufacturer Xinlehua Packaging. Professionals can help you make the best choice!